Corporate Services Department Structure


Human Resource (HR) Division

The Human Resource (HR) Division is dealing with HR-related matters, such as staff leave balances, compliance with the Human Resource Manual of Instructions 2019, resolving conflicts, and various other ad-hoc activities.

Information and Technical

The ITD is the core division managing the tasked with maintenance and upgrading of information technology resources equipment’s of the Authority. This includes the, internet, intranet, Computers, laptops, biometrics system, firewall, software and hardware, and website amongst other resources and equipment’s.

Policy and Planning

The policy and planning division is tasked with policy development for the Authority as well as establishing, monitoring, reviewing, and evaluating the strategic plans for the Authority. This division is also obligated to provide any policy advice requested of them at any time. This division is also tasked with reports such as the Annual report of the Authority as well as the compilation of the corporate and annual plans.

To reach the Policy division for any policy-related matter please email

Radio and Communication

This division ensures that the Emergency Radio network channel utilized by the Authority is functional at all times. This division also ensures all the communication devices utilized by the Authority are well maintained and functional at all times and this includes sirens of ALL Authority vehicles.

The National Emergency Call Centre (NECC) is also under the communication division which deals with answering and dispatching ALL 911 phone calls.


The Finance Division is tasked with the management of financial matters for the Authority. This includes the overall budget, revenues, and expenditures. They also look after all the assets and properties of the Authority and various major projects planned for the Authority.