The mechanic division is tasked with the maintenance of ALL Authority vehicles. They ensure the vehicles are repaired, maintained, and ready to respond to any emergency that may arise at any time. This division also ensures various key tools like, chainsaw et al are also maintained and ready for utilization.




The training division is tasked with keeping the physical fitness and technical skills of the staff.   These are critical to ensure that all staff continues to build their capacity and technical knowledge for the improvement of Authority emergency response services but also ensure that all staff is physically fit to respond to any emergency that may arise.


The operations division is tasked with Fire suppression and ALL other emergency responses that include, natural disasters like cyclones, tsunamis, search and rescue motor vehicle accidents, and accidents that include hazardous chemicals.

Emergency Medical Response

The EMR or Emergency Medical Response division houses the ambulance services that respond to any 911 call that requires medical assistance.  This pre-hospital care service provided by the Authority is critical and makes all the difference in saving lives.