Fire Safety, Awareness, and Prevention Services (Fire Safety) Department Structure

Fire Safety, awareness, and Prevention department implements one of the core functions of the Authority and consists of two divisions.

Education, Awareness, and Prevention

This division is tasked with awareness-raising programs on awareness and prevention activities. These include;

  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Fire warden training
  • Evacuation exercises
  • CDCRM(Community Disaster and Climate Risk Management)
  • Booster tests

There are school and media awareness programs conducted. School awareness programs focus is on awareness of safety gears.  The national emergency number (911) and common causes of fire, and children having a chance to experience riding the fire trucks.


This division ensures that there is compliance with fire safety laws and regulations and these activities include;

  • New building inspections
  • Follow-up inspections and buildings
  • Petroleum Taskforce (PTF) inspections
  • Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) inspections
  • Issues hot work permits